Macro tip #1: ShowToolTips

February 19, 2009

This tip is from Instance 127, at time index 1:31:24.

The purpose of this first section was to give people the basics for everything that follows – how to create a macro, how to use the “?” icon, and how to use that all-important command, #ShowToolTips.

The first thing I should do here, though, is remind people how to create a macro. What you need to do is either:

  1. type /macro in the chat window, or
  2. press ‘Esc’, and when the menu pops up, select the “macro” button

You should then click on the “new” button, and pick a name, and also an icon to use. For almost every macro here, the best icon to use is hte first – the ? one.

To illustrate this I suggested the following:

/use 13

This simple macro will allow you to place a trinket (your top one) onto an action bar button, so it can be fired off whenever you key that button. The ? icon is really useful here: if you’ve selected this, then once your macro is complete, it will display whatever your current trinket is, even if you use a UIMod like ItemRack or TrinketMenu to manage your trinkets for you. (Similarly, for later macros, it will display the first command that it can activate, so you can see what it is you’re about to do.)

If you want to do one for your second trinket slot, you’d use:

/use 14

Once you’ve got that basic setup, you can modify this to use any usable item – such as:

/use Super Healing Potion

/use Heavy Mageweave Bandage

…however, there’s really not much point, except as practice; after all, if you want to use those things you can just drag them onto the action bar directly. These things only really come in useful when you use special commands, as covered in future segments. The ShowToolTips thing is only really useful when there’s more than one thing that the macro could activate.

I didn’t have time to explain in the segment, but the “13” refers to gear slot 13 on your paperdoll character sheet. You can find out more about these numbered locations somewhere like

The other thing like this that you can do is to link to bag slots – there’s information about that on WoWWiki:


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